Never chase your tenants to pay utilities again. 🏠💦🔌🔥

Chiaqi pronounced (Chee·uh-chi) is a Rental Payment System made for Landlords and Renters to make paying utilities easy in one portal.

Customize rent and utility splits per agreements in your home. Prorate as needed.

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Hassle and worry free

rent & utility management 

Painless for tenants, roommates, and landlords. 

Access Utility Bills per Households in One Place - One time setup

Never log into utility platforms, find each bill, and do the math again.  It’s done for you.


Online Payments on Auto-pay. Never front costs.

Tenants autopay bills when issued so you’ll never have to front the costs again.

Customize Utility Splits per Household

Customize utility bill backs based on tenant lease agreements: Caps or %’s

Our mission is to save  you from mundane rental management tasks.

Be smarter and better at managing your rentals. Keep track of bills, make projections, and save time and money. 

Be notified whenever you can save on your utility bills!   

On average, it takes nearly 2 hours or more every month for a Landlords and Tenants to manage rents + utilities together. We’re changing that.

Minutes/Month Saved


Avg. Cost Savings

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